Monday, November 15, 2010

*the vegan girl's guide to life*

the book has been out for a couple weeks, and i have almost fainted from anticipation to get my hands on copies for the shop and today is the day.  you can pick up your copy here at on-line and in person.  then i want you to turn to page 82 and wave hi.  that's me {and i can't wave back, k}!

this book is CHOKED and i mean stuffed full of vegan personalities, info and recipes.  a PERFECT guide for n00bs :)  or people like me who love to learn about the person behind the project/product.  i am seriously stoked to be in such great company.  these people are MY heroes, and i hope they will be yours too!

i will update when i know when she will be coming for a book signing, but i so happy to have the author melisser stop in for a night of food, conversation, pictures, drinks and veganocity beyond your wildest dreams. :)  {again, dates tba but it will be after the new year.  she's a busy lady!  and she lives in vienna! amazing.}