Wednesday, November 17, 2010

*coming soon!*

oh so many things to look forward to this week.  i am staring at my master list of vendors and products that are ordered and en route and i am so anxious!  some items are being restocked such as the soycurls and soygo to-go individual creamers.  we are also getting another round of zenthreads screened scarves with new designs (makes a wonderful gift...for yourself! haha).  of course this weekend we sold out of both cheddar and moz teese but we still have some nacho sauce, and those should be here any day now.  we have plenty of dandies on hand but will be restocking those always.  never fear.

let's talk about what's coming.  {are you sitting down, sacramento?  you have no idea what you are about to be experiencing!}

since i pushed the refrigerator on the selling floor i can carry cold case items now...and now we are talking sweet and sara marshmallows and treats.  such as:

 the marshmallow sampler like a slice of heaven.  and the smores, above, are one of the best things i have ever eaten.  mmmm smores....

next up we have sheese.  it's an imported item from scotland, and boy do those scots {my people!} know vegan cheese.  

we were lucky enough to try this product while living up in portland at our fav vegan grocery foodfight!.  you want to try this for cooking, entertaining...stuffing in your face.  it's DElicious.  and best of all it does not come from mourning, suffering, or raped mother cows.  there is no such thing as happy humane milk...all those "happy CA cow" commercials were filmed in europe and i doubt they are treated any better anywhere, actually when it comes to mass production of a product.  our cows here suffer in untold ways...please consider going vegan if you haven't already.  milk is not kind.

also, i have been wanting to try this hickory flavored bacon salt for a while. i thought hickory was the only vegan flavor but i got some whack information LOL.  all flavors are indeed vegan and i intend to carry them all now! 

{for all the bacon-loving hipsters who think it's so funny to laugh about little piggies making delicious bacon, ham and *shudder* spam, i dare them to slaughter their dog or kitten and throw some of this up on it.  ;p  there is nothing funny about the suffering and eventual murder of pigs who are by all accounts MORE intelligent than our companion dogs (specisim=violence) and more like a two year old human animal than a dog.  to treat them the way we do is all but human.  and to laugh about it and jump on the bacon hipster train just shows what little brain rattles around up in that empty head of theirs.  educate yourself, watch earthlings, get off the train, think for yourself, and go vegan.  or you can eat your "pet", cuz there is no moral difference in your kitten and your bacon, dumbass.  

 my almost 13 year old daughter just said "the truth will set you free".  from the mouth of babes...