Thursday, January 03, 2008

nfb is crackalackin'!

i jammed today and got orders out which always makes me feel accomplished. one order came in, and i went straight to packaging--turned around and caught the mail truck and was out in 30 minutes after ordering. now how is that for customer service ;p

i am starting a scarf and a pouch tonight, both with little sugar skulls then i will have to figure out what is next! i would love to get going on the little votive idea i have for more soy candles. and i do have some more wax and containers i could be filling in the meantime.

i signed up for the valentines addition of grannypanties craft bazaar (my favorite craft show!) which is on feb 9. that should be pretty cool as usual. i just love that one-i would love to just go sit and drink and not sell a thing. but sales are gravy for the fun times on that one! :)

the above pic is a close up of an applique on a crocheted clutch i made for smitten in ohio. she will have better pictures when things go up for sale on the site, so i am excited to see those when they are done. i have some blurry ones but this little red guy is super cute in person! i hope she loves everything...

other than working on items, i have been PURGING this house from old clothes, kitchen stuff and whatever else i have deemed cluttery. i have a pickup from the thrift store scheduled and i am just crossing my fingers it is not THE rainiest day of the year on the morning i have to put everything outside. i do have a tarp, but still i don't want the stuff to get soggy. i washed everything, dammit. it feels pretty great to have room in the den now, and next is our bedroom. it is ALL going--we need space!