Monday, January 21, 2008

happy mlk day :)

happy monday and mlk day :)

i made some candles, both soy and the votive holders themselves. i like the fancy bright colors and pink lace on these two.

shawn is taking his daughter back to his mom to go back to california and i have a feverish 3 year old on my bed sweating buckets. so this ought to be a fun day or so, depending on whether my magic skills of whipping up proper tinctures for her immune system work or not! she looks like hell, but she has a strong system and this bug will most likely work it's way out in the next 24 hours. the older girl felt bad for about 2 hours yesterday but if i had what she has to fight off colds and flu's i would bottle it to be a rich woman: that kid NEVER gets sick. i am taking my vitamins and special brews so i don't get ill either...that would be bad, bad. i am so over winter illness!

we had a really good time and i got some good pictures of the girls together which was nice to be able to share with the out of state g-parents and family. the weather mostly cooperated so we had a lot of outside play and also we hit up the science museum to feed our heads. :)

i am exhausted and rightly so. off to go see if the little one needs anything and perhaps lay down for a spell myself. it is that kind of afternoon, me thinks....