Wednesday, January 16, 2008

hump day!

we have a little visitor coming for the weekend and i am getting the house ready for her. i need the girls room to be immaculate because one more little girl=more mess from fun to clean up at the end of the day. so, we will continue to get there from here, which isn't so far from where we need to be. if that makes any sense. also the carpets are bad so now that it is semi-dry i can clean them and perhaps not have doggie paw prints five minutes after they are done, such as what normally happens.

all in all everything is where it needs to be, what needs to be happening is happening. i am working on listing more and doing a bit of advertising for more sales this week. i have been happy to have a few and been contacted by one of the shops i have stuff at for more stock so that is good news. my business new years resolution after getting tax info together is to work a little harder on the sales push for the shops i have items in. i have been totally lazy in following up with them, and that is never ok if you want orders! by the end of the month i have to follow up with everyone and work on getting more stuff to them. it ain't gonna happen by itself!