Monday, November 26, 2007

cyber monday ha ha

i swear i never heard of this cyber-monday business but for this year. i guess i am not as with it as i once thought! :)

yesterday i did a small craft bazaar for my daughters school and hung out with adrienne again. it was slow but nice to see everyone. today, however is a busy shipping day with 7 items going out! a bunch of scarves, too. most of which were custom orders. if one gal pays on time today i can get a necklace out in the same trip to the post office today as well. but she is from overseas and a first time buyer so i don't know if that will happen or not. that is the one thing i hate about etsy, it gives people the option not to pay where on my website you have to pay for what you purchase on the spot. nice and easy, just like buying in real life! :)

i also finished a brown flecked scarf with a cord bird on it. i will be listing that in a minute on both sites. woot! scarf-a-pooloza time in never felt better land!