Friday, November 23, 2007

fat AND happy :)

oh yeah, we had a big old dinner! i forgot what it was like to eat quite so much food in one sitting, then go back for my second wind for dinner. (we eat a little early, more like late lunch.) everything was from made with love and everything was delicious! and yes, we roll with the 'can-berry' sauce in this house! i love that stuff! :)

today is black friday and i actually lucked out with some sales both from my website and what was just a custom inquiry this morning has turned into a promised sale. i am working on one custom job today, it is about 3/4 finished, then i can start on the etsy order. she needed a toddler version of a scarf i had listed and i just happened to have made one for lucy not too long ago so i know it won't take too long to get finished and sent out. hopefully i can get some sales from sunday's craft show as well. i am totally cash poor and could use some for a bead store run i need to make asap for the sacramento gallery glass pendants order due next week. tomorrow i am running down to the art store for more moleskines, too. i think the sunday crowd would enjoy those as stocking stuffers.

hope everyone had a great tofurkey day, and a wonderful weekend too!