Monday, November 05, 2007


i have been soooo sick over this past weekend i was totally amazed. still am. some kind of killer virus from hades! everyone take your vitamin c and boost up your immune system because i thought mine was pretty good: apparently not at all! so, i have to drag ass today to get some packaging and shipping done from sales and whatnot over the weekend. i watched too much tv and slept more than i have slept in years. shawn had the girls and kept them busy with raking leaves, veganfest (which i was too sad about not being able to go), the library and the store. lots of stuff out of the house to let me rest. i love that man. :)

i have to solder a pendant for a customer and while i had the iron hot i was planning on busting out a few more but you know what? i don't trust myself around hot objects right now. i feel a bit woozy and you probably should not have sharp molten things around your hands and face!