Tuesday, April 29, 2008

playing catch up

ah yes, the always fun game of trying to balance work, family and art. i feel perpetually behind, and frankly out of creative gas. however, i have been keeping busy. i got in to craftywonderland for june. i haven't sold there in ages and it is the perfect day/hours for me now that i work part-time and on saturdays. so i will be working toward that goal from now until then. i have also been pouring some more plaster skulls. i have one 75% done--and another one on the line ready for painting. those always make me happy to paint :) this skull needs its topcoat and hanger, plus the roses situated just right. i like this one--would like to keep it for myself!

i have enough stock and have had a couple custom orders for pendants and whatnot but am feeling pretty blargh about the whole thing. good thing: i am going back to california with the girls to visit my family for a weekend either last week of may or first week of june. i want to go before it gets hellishly hot for sure. june 10th is my birthday and that week there is always the rose festival carnival down on the waterfront here in pdx so i need to be here for that (my little gift to myself since i love rickety carnival rides that go upside-down!). it will be nice to see my family and let them hang out with the girls for a couple days. then it will be nice to COME HOME :) love central california and all, but that dry, sick, over 100 degree heat will be the last thing i ever miss about it.