Tuesday, April 08, 2008

the ocean breathes salty

i have a fever...and the only prescription is perhaps some camping by the sea. i feel my soul is low and needs a re-fill very, very soon. this could explain the oceanic themes to my work right now. albatross, terrapin, seahorses and more...i am just longing to be by the sea....tomorrow i can take finished pix of the seagull magnet sets i made, but they are still drying. and i have taken so many pictures today it was redonckulous. i am all edited out!

i did make some non-nautical items too :) some daisy earrings, and i also got some glass pendants wrapped and ready for soldering. all in all it was a very productive day. i even sold the seahorse earrings less than a hour after i listed them on etsy! that was nice. i happened to have two pair so i relisted the second pair as well.

i got the fabric for the custom pendant, ring and earring set. she wanted her own special leopard she had and i got it in the mail today. i can work on that after the orders from the stores, i have to have done by friday. i also need a better glass cutter for that custom order. the one i have is of course, crapped out. count that along with my soldering iron, too. i need supplies! badly.

happy tuesday!

oh and it was tofu enchilada night, kids. i bet you wish you were here now doncha?