Monday, March 31, 2008

honest work for honest pay

week two of work, and so far it has been very mellow! saturday i had one phone call and a ton to file and update on teh 'puter so i was busy for most of the day-thankfully. hopefully the next few weeks will allow for more phone action and showing apartments to hopeful applicants.

in NFB world, i finally got to the stained glass store for some better solder but i think my cheap-assed soldering iron is crapping out. time for the mega-upgrade, but the really really nice ones are $$spendy$$. but worth it! today, through etsy i got a custom order for some soldered stuff--a ring and a pendant made into the shape of a cross. hmmmm. it is time for me to do my own glass cutting...this maybe the start of a new thing for me! cutting your own glass is a crucial part of stained glass making and i do have some ideas for some of that so this was a timely request i would be happy to fulfill. :))))

i also crocheted a little mini-scarf last night with some groovy vintage yarn i thrifted. i consider them mini, since they are 50". i love the color combo on the scarf--wish they had more of the same and i am now on the look out!

HAPPY MONDAY, y'all. i am enjoying my "day off" with laundry--woot and woo.