Sunday, March 02, 2008

can't. stop. 'til. i. get. enough.

i am just going to have to commit to hand sewing some stuff in the upcoming week, i just cannot stop thinking about my sewing machine being on the fritz :( i have so many ideas, but luckily most of them can be accomplished with somewhat labor intensive.

i finished a few more pendants, one more of the seagull series of necklaces. the rest are pendants. also, i crocheted a new hair band for myself which i think i can recreate pretty easily and most importantly, pretty cute ha ha.

we were at the old house today cleaning getting the storage situation under control. lucky we have through next weekend to get it all sorted out. and lucky we have a friend who is letting us store out basement and outside stuff in her garage for free. i didn't want to have to rent another truck, but i think one more day with one would be all it would take, since we have storage here as well. i cannot wait until well into next week when this is all a memory :) and hopefully the weather is just as nice as it has been this past week. that has been helping this whole thing like crazy. i can't tell you how many midnight, rainy moves i have done. it all pretty much sucks unless you have movers :)