Monday, March 03, 2008

shame motivates me

i just got off the phone with my mother, who was talking this morning with her 90-something year old sister in wyoming. she, by 11am her time had already baked a pasta dish for supper, hand made bread loafs and beiroks (roll with cooked cabbage and meat or in our case soy crumbles inside), made a cabbage soup to freeze plus a strawberry tart. and the dishes she made all morning long.

uh yeah when i was talking to my mom i was on my second cup of coffee just contemplating what the hell to do with my life. :) so, i finished up some listings and am myself geared up for an afternoon errand run. after i talked to my mom i felt like a bum so i did crochet a head band that just needs one more tie and some lining. not surprisingly i *still* feel like a bum ha ha. well, one step at a time!

*new soldered pendants and a seagull necklace series both on
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happy monday!!!