Tuesday, March 25, 2008

catching up!

playing catch up from last week, the weekend and yesterday. it never ends ha ha!

the best up shot from last weeks interviews was i got the job! i even have a fancy-title of assistant manager. :) so, tomorrow is training and there are two more classes i have to go through on fair housing and law. good to know, good to know. don't want to break any laws now...this whole opportunity was a streak of good luck that i am hoping continues well into the spring. good things happen when i let them...it always works out that way.

over the weekend we took the girls to see horton hears a who and it was cute! lucy sat through it and only needed a lobby break one time. she liked the elephant, so it was a win-win.

tonight adrienne is coming by and we are going to foster her sisters little dog until we can find him a great home. i would keep him myself because he is just so effing cute, but we are at dog capacity and he will be needing some hip surgery in the near future. little toy breeds often develop problems due to breeding, and his is a bone/joint issue. poor little guy! we will do our best to find him the best home on the planet! i know i will be taking a zillion pictures of him with our pups...