Saturday, March 08, 2008

busy bee buzzzzz

finishing touches on the final move, mostly stuff going to our storage last minute. can. not. wait. to be finished with everything in regards to the old house. this week will be a weight off my shoulders just for that alone. the past week has been a busy, productive week--etsy sales picked up, as for my site and i have some renewed vigor for beginning some new pieces.

i finished another headband, and got the custom photo soldered pendants finished and sent out. (on a side note i have a new and spiffy post office that is quite near--we drove by and dropped off some outgoing mail to check it out yesterday--there are a few really neat features of our new neighborhood we are loving checking out. like the golf course and the trails and hills. so cool to explore...)

i fell in love with my bike again, as we moved it over here...all it needs is a chain and a new rim since shawn converted it to single speed :) i can't wait for those family bike rides to come. i am craving spring!