Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the J word

it's the "J" word...j-o-b. i stumbled upon a seriously great opportunity that won't really feel like work since i stay home to make stuff and work with the girls. i had my first interview today and i think i have it in the bag, baby. it is part time to the maximum and will help out the money situation so like for example-i wanted to buy new business cards i could...or tags i could...or supplies i could...yeah. nothing will change on the nfb front other than hopefully i will rock even harder this spring.

i have been working on a few things in the mean time such as another headband and a owl stuffie with lavender. i need more button parts and a few more supplies that would make life awesome...including getting my sewing machine fixed up properly. i scoped out the sewing machine center for how much, but much like a car they need to diagnosis the problem first. getting her back up and running is pretty much on top of my list of needs/wants right now. it is serious people! my work space is finally unpacked. i just need one more storage system and i will be set up! moving is a lot of work with all these kids, pets and peoples junk. next time it is movers for sure.