Friday, July 29, 2011

indiegogo is a GO GO!

this is what i like to call vegan fundraising redux!  the kinder, gentler campaign...where we break down our goals into more realistic bite-sized pieces.  indiegogo is a fundraising platform where small projects of most kinds can be created and even if you don't meet your goal amount you still get to keep the money!  snap.  i wish i would have known about them before the kickstarter but hey, live and learn. 

here's mine! 

so if you have a spare moment, check out this lil' thang here where we basically have the financing for our move etc but would just love a little bit more so we can advertise properly, get our website to a place it needs to be and make sure that our customers near and far know we have moved to a totally upgraded situation that is a WIN-WIN for everyone.  also we want to offer some coffee and bagels/pastry too while we work hard to bring the nacho bar to reality too.  

help us keep midtown vegan!