Saturday, September 03, 2011

upcoming vendors:

i am able to secure some quality vendors if i don't say so myself.  i love buying for the store, and the rewards are so immediate.  sometimes the bombs are so painful but since life is learning, you mark down those stinkers and don't make that mistake again! the trick is to make those few and far between :)

one new line i have admired from facebook afar for a while now is chicago's ethically engineered.  i love to support all vegan companies when possible and these guys are the real deal to veganism plus their commitment to being earth-friendly.  i am so proud to be able to provide their line...i know you will love them for and not only for the men in your life.  i think you will be stealing their shampoo and conditioning no-bottle bars.  and possibly the razor sets lol.  
gear head no bottle shampoo and conditioning bars

deluxe shaving kit with old growth wood box!

 the vegan men folk are going to love their selections this fall and holiday season, that is for sure.

we will also continue to carry the vegan collection and offer their best-selling belts, wallets and clutches.  oh and that vegan slayer tee?  loving it, and so do our customers!
the captain belt

amelia clutch, ladies

i slay vegetables tee shirt.
the armstrong tri-fold

next, bread and badger made me some custom pint glasses with the vegan heart which turned out to be a huge seller for us.  this year we are doing more pint glasses, along with mugs and some recycled colored glass ware that are pretty awesome if i don't say so myself.  they will look like these but with the vegan heart hand sand-blasted into the glass.  awesome!  perfect for gift-giving to yourself or others :)
vegan pint glasses just for us!
i think these recycled colored glass pieces are beautiful.  i think you will too!
these will have the vegan heart logo--they're awesome!
 next post:  bird mafia, held belts, and max & ruffy's vegan organic dog treats!  plus maybe a bit more inspiration for the shop.  it's getting exciting for us over here at never felt better headquarters.  i am done being depressed about not having the shop, and i am ready to come back with a vengeance :)