Thursday, September 29, 2011

nfb2.0 is coming!

the time is FLYING by!  only a few weeks ago i was counting down 8, 7, 6 weeks now it's moving into the days category and i am um...kind of freaking out about it.  this is happening!

smile shawn!  i should have counted down so he could flash his pearlies lol

little window above the front door.  the windows are boarded and covered in plastic...

shawn is measuring our new front windows for me. 

i am secretly freaking out!

new storefront.  the landlords love these earth-tones in all of their buildings around town!
 we are shooting for the soft opening mid oct.  please visit again to find out what's the newest info...and if you haven't already friended us on FACEBOOK i am on there a whole bunch (probably too much lol) and it's even more complete with what's going on at never felt better HQ.  :)  wish me luck that i don't have a nervous breakdown before we open our doors!