Sunday, October 23, 2011


will this week be the week?  will we get keys to our new home by the weekend?  when WILL we be open for business?  WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?  

we hear you, we hear you.  what was i thinking saying mid oct when that time has come, and is now in our rear-view?  well, i have to look at it from the big picture.  what is a mere two weeks in the scheme of things?  if you have ever worked with contractors you know what we are dealing with (even though our contractors are the NICEST people on the planet, who happen to be our 1/2 our landlord dreamteam lol).  they are doing their best, and honestly are only a couple weeks off MY target date so i really can't complain!  besides, once i get the keys and we move in all this will be again, in the rear-view and i can focus on our task at hand, getting back to vegan business.

last week when i popped in i saw there is a brand new door, they had plumbed the new bathroom and were drywalling, and they had roofed and opened the skylight in my office/storeroom which i didn't think i would have so this smile on my face is because, well...i have an office with a skylight :)  it's gorgeous.  simply gorgeous.  
new ADA approved front door! and check that golden yellow paint!  sunny.

monday or tuesday i am picking up the vinyl window decals which is pretty exciting.  and all the boxes of vegan belts, recycled etched glass tumblers, accessories, books, vintage clothes and vegan chocolate in my bedroom is pretty exciting.  switching banks from chase (ugh) to a local credit union (yay) is pretty exciting. 
artist's rendering (hahahaha) of our front windows :) 

SO things are happening, it's just all behind the scenes :)  i fully expect some great news monday or tuesday when i swing by the shop--i will let everyone know what the move-in timeline is as soon as we get that info.  NO ONE needs us to be back in business more than WE!  
lucy modeling next to our soycurl shipment!
  thanks for hanging in there with us...

--your friends at NFB <3