Tuesday, November 01, 2011


good news!  we are moving in!  won't you come say hi?

LOOK at how much room we have!  lots to grow into, i say.  the floors are ancient tiles (like i am not kidding, i believe they are original to the building and it's from the 40's no lie) and with the help of my friend's friend who does floors for a living, we borrowed this boss floor buffer and went to town with cleaning decades of grime!  it's not perfect, but it's LIGHT YEARS better than when we got it.  the landlords gave me the option of doing our own flooring but i don't feel like sinking thousands into a rental...just yet.  :)  

the color is fantastically CHEERFUL don't you think?  and check out my ADA bathroom and office/store room.  i feel like a REAL store lol.  it's pretty awesome, and i hope we prosper and grow into the shop i see in my head.  it looks cavernous now, but like i said we can grow into it as we age.  i am in no hurry.  i have nothing but time...

today i met with puppybird clothing creator monica who also works with born free and she envisioned a runway for an all vegan fashion show :)  she has put on two before and i hope we're the 3rd!

so, if all things are equal and i can find a better mop that will make my floor cleaning life easier tonight...i hope to swing the doors open for business friday for a very, very soft opening.  hours will be 11-6 for a couple weeks and subject to change!  come stop by and remember if you want to occupy wall street for real shop local and small businesses.  we appreciate your support!