Sunday, September 11, 2011

sunday lunch with the fosnights

we try to visit our loving hut (formerly known as au lac vegetarian) which is a stone's throw away from our house, on a regular basis.  we love these guys, and urge you to visit them regularly too to ensure they thrive! i have already reviewed their restaurant HERE at our food blog before they became a loving hut. in my opinion the food is consistent, fast and delicious and the service wonderful.  (and their week-day lunch special is the best price in town!)

today it was just shawn, lucy and i (lyric was on her way back from santa cruz, lucky girl!).  and for a while we had the whole place to ourselves, but then it picked up for a sunday lunch :)

someone is ready for her lunch!

lucy n me

apple juice is the preferred beverage
what's that lurking in the shadows?  a shawn monster!

broccoli tofu, made spicy for shawn :)

mongolian wonder for moi

lucy is a plain noodle kinda gal
with all the chaos and anxiety of being a shop owner and life in general, sometimes it's nice to just get back to basics with a good meal, family and of course taking pictures of my food! and with this being "crunch time"  i want to sock as much into this time as i possibly can...