Friday, February 29, 2008

leap day wtf?

hey whatever it is called, it is the last day of this month and i could not be more pleased! here is to a new month, spring days and new beginnings!

last night i made some teriyaki tempeh and it turned out pretty good. i also checked out the asian close-out store up the street and what a treasure that was. i picked up a scooter for lucy for $15 and she is scooting around the house as we speak. pink, of course and it has "HAPPY" all over it. yes, it is making everyone HAPPY :) on a impulse purchase i also grabbed some meditation chime balls and have been twirling those around all night. whenever i need some quick zen and help for my poor circulation i will be fiddling with those i know it.

my sewing machine is in the back of my car and i think it is going to need a tune up again and a second look a the timing situation. once i get that up and running i am hoping to actually make something, which will be the cherry on top of my sundae of this move being 97% done and over with.