Thursday, February 21, 2008

we're a'movin' on up!

after last weeks dental hell, and a short respite i am fully packed and just waiting for tomorrow and saturday to roll around to get this behind me! it only took seven days for my gum and jaw to heal (yep. that is sarcasm you detect) but the good news is i have been off the junk since weds night. that percacet is a killa! so, tomorrow we get the van and embark on our new journey. i get so single minded during things like this, if i think of anything else i feel guilty for not putting more time and thought into the first thing. so, as a result nfb is on a short badly needed hiatus for the move, a regroup and a soul filler-upper to get the creative juices flowing again.

until then, i feather my new nest with renewed vigor and vows to live life less clutter free and insane. can it be done? we shall see!

**see my picture is a moving van for nfb! this is how we roll....***