Friday, February 01, 2008

i <3 granny panties

you should too if you are in the portland area on february 9th--come on down for some drinking, crafts, valentine making...drinking.... :) last year i had some yummy lychee and cherry flavored cocktails and i know this year there will be some equally yummy concoctions for your consumption!

and in other news, i got my glass FINALLY and hey you know what? i can read what i am blathering now and my head doesn't split when i crochet! imagine that! it is like a miracle. the miracle of getting OLD.

we had my 10 year olds birthday this week and lots of excitement surrounding that landmark. we just got back from target where (gasp--not handmade...shhhh! ha ha) she spent her two gift cards on this HUGE littlest pet shop village thing that is out of control. the kid has a million of them but loves them all dearly so i won't grumble too much about cheap plastic toys.

lucy was deathly ill with some crazy super bug but has since bounced back. it was really scary for a minute there. i think we all had/have a touch of whatever killer virus is going around. we like to kiss and hug a lot here so it just keeps getting passed back and forth, i am sure. i have been doing emergen-c's as shots so i don't feel like too much hell. i sure can't wait for winter to be over. it has been a weird one for sure!