Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sloth. get it off me!

WIP_7, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
confession time: i am totally guilty.. craft sloth. my apparent laziness/craft depression has reached epic levels, unseen by me for years. i have half-finished projects up the wazoo. they are laying around my workspace, my little corner, in bins and bags stashed around, taunting me. making me feel well, like a asshole.

what is my problem? here, reach into my grab-bag of issues LOL. but "issues" for me is a euphemism for "excuses". i have plenty of those...

in the meantime, i have so many cute spring/summer vintage pendants to solder, pouches to finish crocheting, vintage items to photograph and list, thrifting to do...i really ought to get off the excuses and just get to making. these things are cute and deserve to be made and enjoyed!

{i will be having a line form like that scene in airplane! to kick start my crafting heart. would you like to take a number?} :))