Friday, April 02, 2010

ca state train museum

train museum 4-2-10, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
our very first trip to this museum. i can't tell you how many times i have walked or driven right by this place in old sacramento. lyric's school had a meet-up there and i had three extra little bodies with me coming along for the experience to sneak in for free so i knew it would be crazy! :) going here reminded me how much i miss OMSI. it's the oregon museum of science and industry and their kids exhibits were second to none. i don't know why sacramento has no kids museums, come to think of it. anyway OMSI was pretty much the bomb for both kids and adults. it was the very first museum we had a membership to :) but getting back to the train museum it was pretty cool with tons of vintage toy trains, actual historic train cars in pristine condition (a couple of which you can walk through like the dining and sleeper cars. the dining car had a beautiful collection of china each line having their own pattern.  i wanted to smash them and make pendants LOL), and a very small 5 and under kids play area. we didn't see the movie offered; i guess i am not *that* into trains to see a short documentary on them at this time. basically the only one who was insane over the trains was little jasper who LOVES trains. and trucks. and airplanes. the girls were a little "mreh" but enjoyed themselves over all. we hit up the candy shop across the street to load up on sugar and headed home for a nap for the little one.

good times, go check it if you haven't already :)