Monday, April 12, 2010


gray skies and trees, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
thinking about the heavens, literally and figuratively today.

my good friend's father passed away this morning and he was like my adopted grandfather. she loved him very much and he will be missed terribly.

then here comes the rain again...literally buckets of it on and off all day long. i went in our van to grab the car seat and it smells like mildew from some sort of leak under the dash. *sigh* i honestly can't contend with that right now, don't know how to fix it so i can drive it--that mildew is a killer and i am highly sensitive. so far it hasn't been a stellar monday, but i will take it over a sharp stick in my eye. i wanted to cut fabric for pint cozies but that will have to wait until after jasper leaves for home. it's a shorter (if 11 hours is short lol) day for him tonight and i should make some time to do some sewing. i could use the distraction...and i really do have some cute ideas swirling around in my head for NFB. i am just feeling the disconnect from up *there* to down *here*.

maybe my focus just needs to roll around in the heavens for a bit, then it will come back to me when it's able to find it's way...this time is to dream, plot, plan and keep those i love and who love me close.

RIP frank! love you E!