Sunday, April 11, 2010

2nd sat 4/10/10

2nd sat 4/10/10, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

had a great time last night. it wasn't too cold after all, it didn't rain and people were really nice. best of all i think i turned a couple folks onto veganism and hey, that is priceless :) afterward we cruised into the distillery and bumped into some old friends. earlier in the day there was a memorial for an old friend who suddenly passed away last week in midtown, so there were a lot of people out for that. i drank my share and thank you shawn for letting me sleep in and making me a big pancake breakfast :) he's the best...

anyway i thought my table looked great. i was really happy with it and i look forward to next month! i hope it's even warmer than last night--i am getting sick of bundling up lol.