Thursday, April 01, 2010

come back blue skies...

flowers, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

we are having not only spring showers, but an unseasonable and unwanted cold snap. i live in a hundred year old plus house and my dining room/family room is shady and dark. brrrrrr! i am hypothyroid and the annoying cold person in the room, and it's oh so cold in here. even lyric thought so today and she is always hot. i even had her feel my hands today, which were icier than usual to let her know i wasn't bluffin'. i am a total failure at being a therMOMeter, because inevitably lucy has too much clothes on and will strip down to her underwear as i sit there and shiver in my sweater.

this has been a long couple weeks for me. i have had little J for sometimes 14 hours a day--everyday. it won't be like this forever, and i love that little guy...but i really could use a babysitter myself LOL!
i feel like i haven't seen my friends since forever. i miss those gals!

this post is basically to remind me that it's going to be alright, i will have time to myself and to craft/solder soon enough. spring really is coming, and my thyroid medication is working. and soon enough shawn and the girls and i will be bombing midtown with me on my cute turquoise bike with my new wicker basket and new rims and them on their bikes all cute. ah, la vita dolce!