Sunday, April 11, 2010

sunday sunday sunday!

grilled tofu vegan 'dilla, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
today was the earth day festival in down town sacramento's southside park. last year shawn and i had a date and we road our bikes, enjoying the sunny warm weather. i got a freakin' sunburn even. today, one year later, i am wearing a winter sweater, hoodie and rain jacket shaking my fists up to the gray skies. i was feeling bad for the vendors, everyone knows if sacramento has "weather" people don't show up.

so we packed up as our true hearts of pacific northwest gold beat in our chests...we would endure the "weather". glad we did! i caught my landlord in his awesome cover band 'the four eyes' playing hits from the 70's and it was sweet. the band prior to him did all beatles covers and that was totally awesome, of course. we were happy to only spend a hour or so because right before we left we got word that exene from X was playing at R5 records on broadway. it was amazing. i was so happy to have seen her so close up and intimate. i have been lucky enough to see X once at the crest when i was probably 20 or so...but that was a while ago to say the least. cross that one off the bucket list, to see and hear excene sing to 50 people was truly inspiring.

at the earth festival, we shared a raw burrito wrap but dang those two or three bites didn't do me so we swung by sugar plum vegan to grab a quick lunch. shawn got the GF portabello pannini and i went with the very glutenous mock chicken/tofu grilled quesodilla. both were delicious, and the cafe was pleasantly full of nice happy full vegan people. <3 home now, i am looking through pictures, uploading some and thinking about the last two days. shawn and i don't get to go out as nearly as we need to but when we do we really go for it and maximize our time! i have to thank him for making me get out of the house and having a totally rad weekend. happy sunday!