Wednesday, April 14, 2010

simply delicious and full'o win.

yellow curry, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

yesterday was a good day. i was productive. it was a hellava lot better than monday so i rejoice two-fold. i sewed, prepared for more sewing, got some crochet going, cleaned this house/laundry/animals, helped lyric with math, had kristie pop in for a was a good day all around. love these days where my thyroid is working WITH me, rather than against me.

then, this morning along with my usual emails i got a contact from someone who would potentially like to use me in their vegan print project. i am overjoyed! viva vegan women! love it. (no details yet, i don't want to jinx it!) the kids had some cinnamon toast and i had some soy yogurt and coffee. everyone got along, no big blowouts over *insert action or object here*. love it x100. let's make today the day and tonight the night, shall we? yes. always.

last nights meal was a simple yellow curry over rice. garbanzos, green onions, carrots, potatoes, coconut milk. simply delicious and full'o win! i am not sure about tonight's meal. i am working on it...