Saturday, April 03, 2010

easy like a sunday morning

dunking, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

it's only saturday and i am feeling the groove. it's noon and i have already dropped the mr. off at the amtrack to go visit his buddy dave in SF( who is out from OHio) to do some skateboarding. tomorrow they come back via car to do what? more skateboarding ;)

after our goodbyes at the 'track, me and the two girls went grocery shopping at trader joe's where lucy had a mental breakdown over the choice of joe-joe cookies OR the maple cookies (we went with the joes, she wanted the maple) then she lost it when all of a sudden she wanted TWO balloons from the nice man, who told her she can only have one. *sigh*

came home made chocolate chip pancakes and some DAMN FINE new coffee i had not seen there before, diner blend. mmmm just like truck stop coffee but better. you can probably french press leaves and have them come out like velvety heaven in your cup. *having a love affair with my french press, shhh don't tell shawn!)

now i am going to knock out some chores and make the house extra nice for company tomorrow. uncle dave is such a sweetie and usually comes solo but this time his girlfriend is with him and i am excited for them to come with us to vegan brunch tomorrow! no easter baskets here, just a delicious vegan meal with the people we love. i am fairly sure jesus is risen not so we can load up on honey baked hams and waste even more stolen eggs for dyeing. (or consume even MORE candy than we already greedily do in the US.) happy vegan easter!