Sunday, April 18, 2010

mmm mmm good.

tempeh ruben, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i had a list of things i wanted to accomplish today: have vegan brunch at sugar plum vegan...go grocery shopping (trader joe's)...and ride my bike for exercise. so far i have got two out of three checked. my bike ride will have to be an after dinner affair. i did compromise with the girls (they wanted to play at the park) and shawn (he wanted to skate) so we ended up at mather field in rancho cordova (ugh). it was hot (80 degrees) and as i baked in the sun i felt like we should have stayed closer to home and play in a park where there are uh...TREES? SHADE? rancho is not my favorite place, to say the least. i feel like i want that two hours of my life back! lol. what does that city have against "trees"?

let's just talk about the sandwich i had at sugar was the tempeh ruben. now, up in portland we stalked places that served vegan rubens. i can say i have had quiet few variations. this one was so perfectly crisped on the outside and warm and sauerkrauty/dressed on the inside: i have not had a better one. i also handled the rest of the girls vegan quesadilla pieces. it was amazing, too. shawn had the same as me, but on GF bread. he was totally satisfied, and gave the "thumbs up" between bites. brunch is serious business in my book: we go there to EAT. :)

i am loving life...let's hope it continues throughout the week and the winter storm that is looming. bye-bye sunshine! hello cold/rainy blech!