Sunday, April 25, 2010


basil, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
yesterday shawn and i popped off to the home depot to price yard stuff and get some sort of gate solution for the dog's side yard. our one dog angel needs to be watched constantly for she is a chewer. so to save our garden from certain doom when we can't supervise her we devised the kennel idea for the side yard.

then i diverted to the nursery and picked up a few starters and some more soil for the raised garden beds. ah...OM...i feel so much better already. i got dirty in the garden and shawn worked on the gate--we both got sunned out to the max but it was wonderful. lucy filled up her kiddie pool and froze her butt off in that ice-cold hose water :) and lyric did her thing. a perfect saturday in my book.

it all started off with brunch at sugarplumvegan, and the best cheezy-biscuits and gravy i have ever had. no lie. you want to try these. i digested them ALL DAY LONG, talk about some stick-to-yer-ribs vegan food. you didn't think that existed, did you? well, it does and i ate it. mmmmm.

tonight, shawn is taking me to harlow's to see the slackers and get our dance on. but today while he is helping a friend move (aw he is so sweet) i am going to solder as many pendants i can in one sitting. i am going to set up outside and enjoy my yard and garden while getting neverfeltbetter stuff done for the week.

happy sunday!