Friday, April 16, 2010

everybody's working for the...

afternoon tea, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
it's friday, and i worked for the weekend just like the loverboy song says. i wrangle a very rambunctious toddler boy, plus my own kids and i am tired. this week i got maybe two "good" days but i don't want to solely blame my thyroid--i think i will blame old age on this as well just to be fair. i am an equal opportunity complainer. today i have a plus 1 toddler (doing my friend a favor while she irons out her daycare) full house situation going on and i am sporting a sore throat.

now i know full well moms and daycare providers can't get sick but the facts are facts...let's pray there isn't strep throat going around or something.

i must really be a masochist, because i joined a friendly weight-loss facebook challenge with a group of awesome friends for 8 weeks that involves a pyramid-type scheme payout at the end for the most lbs lost. god knows i have more to lose, so if i do this i better be getting that loot at the end. the challenge starts today, first weigh-in by noon. *sigh*

so, my week ends on a flat note but i plan to make up for it this weekend no matter how i feel or what my throat is doing. last weekend was so great...i need a repeat of some LIFE again starting tomorrow. :)