Friday, April 09, 2010

i want to ride my bicycle

cemetary_2, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
today was a treat...although the reason i took the day off from being nanny jen didn't go exactly as planned this morning (family business) and got put off until the middle of next month (it's ok patience is my middle name. not really but it ought to be.), shawn and i still got to spend some quality time together with some solo bike ride action. we went thrift window-shopping (and i found the best .99 vintage sweater ever and a cute faux pyrex sugar dish), had au lac cheapo-lunch special ($4.95, best in town) and then we found ourselves in midtown checking out friends i have been neglecting. sunshine, exercise, friends, thrift scores...what a nice ending to a day that started out iffy. but then do i deserve such good fortune ALL at once? yeah, i think i do.

after that, we got the girls and went to the gluten free specialty store in midtown and grabbed some daiya vegan cheese shreds and some bread and had grilled cheeze sandwiches for dinner. shawn and lucy built a little skate "fun box" to practice ollies. while we were outside i was playing fetch with the dogs, and shawn noticed that delia our border collie mix had something stuck in the roof of her mouth. upon closer inspection we saw she had chewed up a drumstick and part got embedded in the roof between two of her back molars. shawn got it out and we will watch it until it heals up. POOR DOG we have had no idea how long it was there, but from the looks of it, we think a while. with some loving triage she looks like she will heal up great.

ah the fun never ends at our's to more bike riding and fun times. and happy friday!