Monday, April 26, 2010

a little cross-promoting

andy nguyen's, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
shawn and i have a vegan eating guide to sacramento called sackoftomatoes. there's just a handful of restaurants up but they are a good mix so far. up next will be udupi indian, huong sen tofu on stockton blvd, and queen of sheba ethiopian. mmmmmm. it's a hard job discovering new and old vegan fare in the area...but someone has to do it! :) anyway if you can pop over and see what's going on at that blog. tell a friend?

last night was so much fun seeing the slackers. they did a rock-steady version of "we can work it out" by the beatles! loved them so much. one of the opening bands called the phenomenauts from oakland were amazing, too. they have this surf-punk/dance hall thing going on with fun props like this ray-gun looking thing that was basically a leaf blower that had toilet paper rolls attached and it blew out streams of TP. good times, good times. good food, music and company is what it's all about!

i can't say i am going to do much more than do a little light crocheting tonight...jasper is here spending the night. his mom is going to be on good day sacramento at sugar plum vegan at the butt crack of dawn, too early for daycare drop off! check out the 7am hour if you haven't been by or seen the other news segment. or better by make it a point to stop off and buy yourself a whoopie pie. :) (pssst...please bring me one too, k?)