Monday, April 19, 2010

grill your corn

grilledcorn_1, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

last night we threw some stuff on the grill for an impromptu cook-out. (cook-out is a phrase that shawn uses being from ohio--we call'em bbq's here lol. it's cute and i like to say it now, too.) shawn was the grill master, i got to relax and let him deal with everything. he did cherry tomatoes, corn, eggplant and some soy dogs for the girls. you know what i love to eat/am able to consume mass quantities of? corn on the cob. grilled sweet corn on the cob, to be exact. i am certain there is nothing quite as delicious. everyone gets a cob...and every time i always immediately wish i had another 2 or 3 right there, i could easily eat more to be honest. i start eyeballing everyone's plate thinking "wonder if they are going to eat that?". they do, dammit! it's because they are that good. the trick, shawn shares is to soak them in the husk in cold water before throwing them straight on the grill. for me the trick is getting an extra cob for myself the next time i am buying corn produce for grilling! :)