Wednesday, March 31, 2010

take a bow

teeny chunky bows, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
check out these leeeeeeetle chunky cotton bows i crocheted last night for headbands, pins etc. i am loving the look of 'em. i need more cotton yarn and a trip to my local yarn shop (LYS) is on tap. (something funky (now i don't want to point fingers or lay blame *looking at both the cats AND the dogs*...) happened to a small stash of yarn i had mistakenly left laying around in the back prior to the last clean up. i usually have my yarn in covered bins, but this stash was in a kind of basket and god only knows what happened to it but it was el-funko. i thought 'oh i can just throw these skeins into the washer on gentle'. well, that did not work and what i could salvage from the tangled mess i did. gee golly...i need to go to the yarn store? DARN. lol.)

oh and the earrings and purple card wallet are up on won't you go and check them out? <3