Sunday, March 28, 2010

chickens are friends not food

fair oaks, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

we made a small trek out to fair oaks, ca to pay the fair oaks chickens a visit and have lunch at our favorite vegan friendly indian restaurant udupi. their weekend lunch buffet is amazing. things are clearly labeled vegan and we found out that most of the breads/dumplings are GF, making shawn very happy! if you are in the sacramento area you ought to check this place out :)

when we got home i went a little crazy on some huge hedges outside the front porch. it was reminiscent of the rose garden scene of mommy dearest. even though i am not a professional landscaper i must say i did a decent haircut on those bushes. i came in covered in pollen and the migraine ensued. i feel much better this morning after some hot chai and a few excederins lol.

yesterday i received the rest of the supplies i had ordered online and i made some cute vintage inspired post earrings this morning. i love these ones so much i am ordering more and making them available on neverfeltbetter. i hope everyone else loves them as much as i do! i finished up a crocheted card pouch and i am preparing to hand-sew the lining in and affix the button later on today. it feels good to be making things again! <3