Monday, March 29, 2010

in the bag

perfect for cards, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

yesterday was a good day for catch-up in NFB headquarters, aka my couch. i finished the chunky crocheted card pouch and about 20 pairs of new post earrings. i photographed everything and i just need to list on the site sometime this afternoon. but, seeing as though it's spring break for L3, i will most likely spend my time refereeing between her and little J :) perhaps if the nap gods smile upon me and it's a long one for little J i can bust it all out. i found some more vegan yarns stashed (acrylic and some cute chunky cottons) for more pouches. i make these lined with eco-felt and i found more cute vintage buttons for closure.

it's 9AM and they are begging for popsicles. this can't be a good sign of what's to come LOL.

i hope to get some more crochet time sometime's about all i am good for on this monday. after a full weekend, i stayed up WAY too late last night discussing life with shawn, who i feel like i never see with him working two jobs now. my little moonlighting hunny...he's a good man, charlie brown! we waxed on about plans and dreams. those who love us and those who would love to see us fail. ah sweet life...mi dolce vita. i think i will put on a movie and chill until lunch. everyone looks like a zombie and looks like they need about 5 more hours sleep. and by everyone i mean me! :)

happy monday!