Friday, May 21, 2010


lucy , originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
it's friday. so, happy friday to you. i hope you are out doing something fun (why would you be reading this if you were!), or just relaxing at home. i am doing the latter on this fine friday evening. we did an old person early-bird dinner tonight since jasper is here late. with a toddler, it's just not worth it to risk the indigestion if they are not having it and decide to ruin the meal for everyone--it can happen even to the most well behaved. so we went to our favorite chinese place that offers a veggie menu who just happens to be lightening fast, too. doubling my chances for a successful meal, and quite possibly not irritating a whole restaurant full of people. most importantly, not irritating me :)

happy to say it was just the right amount of time to actually enjoy the food and have the toddler not incite a riot. everyone did great, as i was half-assed predicting they would.  (on their own my girls are great, but sometimes the lucy-jasper combo can be explosivo and i am having flashbacks from earlier in the week when a fun trip to the car wash turned into a nightmare of doom with those two.  yikes!)

tomorrow we are looking forward to the oak park farmers market in the AM, and in the afternoon we have a graduation party to attend. i think i will pick up some fresh flowers her from the market. that would be a nice gift, i think! mostly i am going to enjoy my days off, my girls and shawn's company. this was a long and winding week and the month's not over yet...