Wednesday, May 05, 2010


carded bow pins, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
after a loverly night with the mr. we said our short-term goodbyes this morning at sacramento internation airport where he is leaving on a jet plane back to OHio for the big skate jam/mothers day. when he went last year he got a days long lay-over and was asked to give up his seat the new flight out, so they gave him a voucher (that paid for this trip) plus they upgraded him to first class. (and he didn't even take all the free stuff they had laying around...he just grabbed me the skymall magazine. don't get me wrong he will be bringing me home the new one this trip too, but they had all kinds of shwag he should have nabbed last year. hello!) so, he is off to OHio for the week and i am left to fend for myself. it's ok, i will miss the hell out of him but i will live! i am an independent woman, after all...i just have to remember he is lucky to see all his friends and family. i am happy for him, it means a lot for him to get to do so :)

in news: i did finally finish the hand-sewing of the pin backs to the back of the mini-bows. i covered the silver and sewn part with eco-felt and they are just sweet/cute/little. i hope they do well at this weekend's 2nd saturday. i also posted them on the site...take a look won't you?

happy wednesday!