Friday, May 28, 2010

*the BIG salad*

shawn's salad, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i don't want your puny side salad...i am with elaine from seinfeld and i want the BIG salad. i want it to have quinoa AND tofu...edamame, tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, shredded {insert any kind of misc veggie here. i figure if it's a veggie, can be cut up or shredded and eaten raw it belongs in ma face} and a really good dressing like either goddess or a good miso flavored one. if the croutons are vegan i will take some of those {if not i will have some crunchy chinese noodles} and those fake bac-o bits, too. and you know what else i would like is some daiya vegan cheese and cut up tofurkey, too. yes, you read that right. all of my salad.

if i can get all this at an all you can eat salad bar, that would be just fantastic. over in the arden area there is fresh choice which is pretty good. it has everything labeled with allergy information and had veg and vegan labels, too. did i mention it was all you can eat? i want to go back for thirds, is that bad? there is also the coop, which has a decent salad bar {not all you can eat, though and it ends up being pricey, it's by the pound and it's easy to pile up on your plate and it's the dressing that weighs it down so much anyway!}

clearly i am having a salad deficiency even though i make then on a regular basis for myself. i never have all those ingredients at my fingertips for viola the big-assed all you can eat vat of salad i want to be having right now. the deficiency may be perceived, and not actual but this what is known: sometime in my near future a honkin' big salad is going down the hatch. :)