Sunday, May 16, 2010

*lazy sunday*

flowers , originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
these flowers from yesterday are really helping things around here. i spruced up my kitchen and fondled my pyrex collection...rearranged a bit to make room for the growing numbers. making coffee, refereeing between the girls, tucking shawn back in for a late morning nap since he let me sleep in. these are the things that make for a lazy sunday around our ranch. i am working the back of the house today, which includes my craft space. i have half-finished works-in-progress up the wazoo and i am so over it all. i need to set up my sewing machine and do some soldering. just like the last four or five weeks...*le sigh*.

bad news: the cantaloupe plant isn't going to make it. i think i have to give up the ghost. the snails won that one, but i am beefing up my efforts around the basil because now that the bugs got the cantaloupe they are turning their jaws (or radula, as it were) on my sweet basil. noooooo!

good news: elisabeth is swinging by some more empty cat litter containers for some more starts we have sprouted. i thought i was going to till up and plant along the fence line, but under the circumstances i think containers will be the better way to go. the pole bean starts are huge! i have little mini-trellises for them to climb and i think i will need to rig something for the squash plants too. vertical is the way to go in our world. there is only one way to go, and that's UP! :) i will pick up some soil and we will be ready to go. seriously, this garden is one of the things that is keeping me keeping on there is so much fucking stress and negativity i am battling. see me now: *OM*.

friday's court got pushed back (again) until july with some efforts from the "other side" to "settle" but they are weak and for show. probate is a bitch much like my experience with family court X10, and people never cease to amaze me with their greed and selfishness. i will keep a chin up and toward the sunshine, though. that makes the shadows fall behind me. everything is going to work itself out, i have faith. justice is real. it happens, just very very slowly.

so for today i feel blessed for the girls, their health, shawn and his true love, the animals and their silly ways, the garden and it's growth and zen, the sunny warm weather and simple joys.

happy sunday all, and i hope you are gearing up for a great week...what are your plans?