Saturday, May 22, 2010

*busy saturday*

today i really wanted to sleep in longer, but i am glad we got up on the earlier side to walk down to the farmers market again. we got more fava beans, dill, beets, onions, lettuce, garlic, chard and bok choy. we had one helluva salad for lunch! shawn made the dressing, and it was delicious. <3

then we packed up the girls and went to our friend jessica's grad party, and she always has the best parties. kid friendly, fully stocked, bands...i knew only a handful of people but it was nice meeting new folks. my proudest moment when lyric started talking about what it might feel like *when* she graduated. not if, not maybe...but *when*. i told her i would throw her the biggest party on the planet i would be so proud of her. and i would, too.

we came early and left at just the right time, and i am so happy for my friends and family. things are just feeling right, just like spring should feel. happy, hopeful, harmonious.

happy saturday and something tells me tomorrow is going to be another good one.