Wednesday, May 19, 2010

*snailpocolypse 2010*

crocheted snail, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i know you were totally on pins and needles to find out if the penny trick worked. (ok, perhaps i am just speaking for myself here.)

i think it did! let me tell you why i think so. i put pennies around all plants except one. it was the control plant lol. i went out to do my usual rounds of snail patrol. first of all i see the BIGGEST GRANDDADDY OF ALL SNAILS OF ALL TIME's snail trail...up and over the lip of the raised bed. i follow it up to my basil plant, it touches the pennies and then makes a complete 180 and banks straight to the plant with NO pennies (happened to be my cilantro). i caught that bad boy totally munching and going to town. i am not kidding when i say this snail was the biggest snail i have ever seen. bigger than a silver dollar. and tall, too.

anyways, my snail adventures continue. i will put pennies around the control cilantro, to ward off the slimy intruders. i suspect more will come out tonight if it does sprinkle like the forecast says...and i will be out in the garden plucking them out...rain or shine!

now my next venture is to get some praying mantis to eat the little leaf miner type bugs that i suspect are winged, plus they look damn cool and i want to look at them closely. to be continued!