Tuesday, May 25, 2010

*snailpocolypse 2010 part deux*

snailfriends, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
this light warm rain has brought out hundreds of snails. my front porch and back stoop, both lawns, and even up the sides of the house itself is being overrun by the slimy little guys. what they think they are going to find up the siding, i will never know.

guess where they aren't? that's right: my garden! the penny trick is holding up...i have been on my usual vigils to pluck them from the bed but i have come up empty since the very first night. {thank you mother nature, seriously. thank you.}

i am torn about this weather system. on the one hand it's very spring like and quite pleasant if you get right down to it. on the OTHER hand, it's gray, chilly and generally depressing. i don't want to drive anywhere, go anywhere or do anything really. however, i did quite a bit of organizing and cleaning in the girls rooms so not going anywhere worked in my favor. i got stuff done and i got to think about stuff that needed thinking about.

just two days ago i was by the edge of the creek, sitting in the sand, relaxing and getting some major sun. i am going to summon that feeling now to get me through this week of drippy dreariness. it will be sunny {and too hot} soon enough!