Tuesday, May 11, 2010

*i heart carbs*

angry pizza tomato man, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i ate a lot of pizza this weekend. i mean, i was depressed-sick-blue and after all it WAS mother's day. it's my party and i will eat like a pig if i want to, right?

i am working on a blog for sackoftomatoes vegan eating guide for sacramento, but we need to get the GF pie first before i can post it. i think that will happen sooner than later because the "berkeley" vegan pizza from zpizza did not disappoint. in fact, to quote lyric--this was the best pizza she has ever eaten in her life. she asked if this one was so delicious, why would anyone opt to eat abused dead animal? good question, my little vegan warrior. good question.

doesn't the tomato look like a little angry man? we thought so. with a little seed tear, even. like "i'm mad--don't eat me!" (but don't vegetables have feelings? aren't you killing them, too? NO ASSHOLE, they don't and no, i am not. next!) if this tomato man with the most delicious "sausage" eyes could talk he would say I DARE YOU TO EAT ME ALL IN ONE BITE. which i would gladly have done, that was one fine pizza pie my friends.

shawn gets home from his vacay tonight, there will be some kind of joyful reunion at the airport just like out of the movies, i'm sure. i missed his face because their ain't no sunshine when he's gone :)